Enter a realm of authentic Levantine cuisine, culture, and design at Ammoora, an ornate dining destination, exclusively housed within the Ritz-Carlton Residences Baltimore.


Embracing the cultural beauty and diversity of its fare, Ammoora immerses guests in an intimate fine-dining experience composed in a contemporary culinary style Tuesday through Sunday evening. Presented and prepared with award-winning skill and finesse, the culinary journey through the Eastern Mediterranean offers unique interpretations of classic dishes. Drawing inspiration from Ammoora’s family roots, the Syrian-focused authentically modern menu evokes a sensory experience, enhanced by soft, yet lively oriental music and an alluring ambience transporting you for an evening of delight.

Ammoora Awaits

Opening Hours:

Wednesday – Sunday  5:00PM – 10:00PM

Dining Areas


Indulge in the art of sophisticated dining at Ammoora, where we invite you to discover the charm of our alluring culinary offerings across multiple dining areas. Whether you prefer the refined ambiance of our elegant Damascene Dining Room, the relaxed allure of the Bayti Lounge, the al fresco delights in the Courtyard, or the intimate setting of our private dining rooms, Ammoora has carefully curated spaces to cater to every preference.


Immerse yourself in a world of culinary excellence, where each dining area unfolds a unique experience, complemented by the finest flavors and impeccable service.


Elevated Levantine Cuisine

The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Inner Harbor

751 Key Highway, Baltimore, Maryland 21230

410 – 872 – 6600