Ammoora Partnership Opportunities

Explore Partnership Opportunities with Ammoora

Join us in expanding the reach of Ammoora’s authentic Levantine cuisine, culture, and design. As a beacon of culinary excellence and cultural richness, Ammoora offers an unparalleled dining experience that transports guests to the heart of the Eastern Mediterranean. We invite you to be a part of Ammoora’s journey and bring its unique charm to upscale locales worldwide.

Exclusive Location Criteria

Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of luxury and exclusivity requires each Ammoora location to adhere to the following site selection criteria:

  • Prime Locations:  Selected locales must be nestled in the heart of upscale dining and shopping districts, ensuring our establishment stands out to our target patrons.
  • Ambiance and Capacity:  Our establishments demand a layout that promotes an intimate yet dynamic dining experience, emphasizing quality and comfort. The space should seat up to 200 people. The kitchen, our heart, should cover approximately 25-30% of the total area to facilitate culinary brilliance.
  • Evaluation & Endorsement: We engage in a collaborative site selection process, requiring detailed proposals that meet our exacting standards for ambiance, location, and potential.
A Partnership Unlike Any Other

What Sets Ammoora Apart:

  • Comprehensive Partner Support: We provide tailored support that includes location surveys, interior design, staff training, and grand opening preparations.
  • Exclusive Culinary Experience:  Access to our award-winning, modern Levantine menu, with training on cooking techniques and presentation styles.
  • Brand Prestige: Association with Ammoora’s distinguished brand, including marketing support and the use of our name. Guidance on marketing strategies and the supply of Ammoora branded materials to ensure brand consistency.

Your Commitment:

  • Investment in Luxury: Secure and develop a location that meets Ammoora’s luxury standards, including all aspects of the build-out, furnishing, and equipment.
  • Staffing: Recruit and train a team that can deliver the Ammoora experience, covering the costs of key employee training at our flagship location.
  • Financial Contributions: Adherence to the partnership financial structure, including a significant initial fee reflective of the brand’s exclusivity.
The Process & Financial Terms

Step 1: Inquiry and Initial Discussion: Begin your journey by expressing your interest through our partnership inquiry form. We’ll discuss your background, your passion for the hospitality industry, and your vision for bringing Ammoora to your community.

Step 2: Application and Review: Submit a detailed application for our team to review. We seek partners with strong business acumen, financial readiness, and a shared vision for luxury and excellence.

Step 3: Discovery Day: Experience Ammoora firsthand during a Discovery Day at our flagship location. Meet our executive team, understand our operations, and immerse yourself in the Ammoora culture.

Step 4: Financial Commitment & Agreement:

  • Initial Partnership Investment: An initial fee for a 10-year agreement, with renewal options, reflects the value and exclusivity of the Ammoora brand. This investment is the foundation of our partnership, structured for mutual success.
  • Royalty for Innovation: A dynamic royalty model based on gross sales, including contributions to the Culinary Innovation Fund, ensures the continuous evolution of our menu and guest satisfaction.
  • Structured Investments: Your journey will involve initial and subsequent investments aligned with development and launch phases, backed by dedicated support from our team.

Step 5: Training, Launch, and Continuous Support: Undergo comprehensive training, covering all aspects of operations. Our dedicated support ensures the Ammoora legacy thrives at your location, including regular assessments and contributions to innovation.

Become a Part of Our Esteemed Legacy

Ammoora invites you to be part of a journey that transcends traditional dining, offering an experience steeped in culture, luxury, and culinary excellence. This is more than a business opportunity; it’s a chance to become part of a legacy that cherishes and celebrates the rich tapestry of Levantine heritage.

For those who share our vision, we welcome you to reach out below and explore how we can set new standards of excellence together.

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