Gourmet Baklawa Collection: 10-Pack Assorted Large Size Boxes – Enjoy 10% Off on Bulk Orders


Bulk Price: 10 Boxes for $495.00 (Save $55.00)

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Overview: Indulge in more and save more with our exclusive bulk purchase offer. Purchase 10 boxes of our Large Assorted Syrian Baklawa Gourmet Collection at a 10% discounted rate. Ideal for customers planning larger events, corporate gifting, or simply sharing the rich taste of Middle Eastern sweets with a wider circle. Take advantage of our bulk purchase option to indulge in more of these delicious treats while enjoying great savings. Perfect for anyone seeking to add a touch of sweetness and tradition to their events or as thoughtful gifts.

What’s Included:

  • 10 Large Gourmet Baklawa Boxes: Each box contains a generous assortment of our finest baklava and kunafe pastries, crafted to showcase the authentic flavors of traditional Levantine desserts. The larger size ensures there’s plenty to enjoy and share.

Bulk Purchase Benefits:

  • Significant Savings: Priced individually at $55.00 per box, this bulk offer grants you a saving of $55.00 in total, providing a 10% discount on the overall purchase.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Each large box in this offer is filled with the same high-quality, handcrafted pastries as outlined in the single box description, ensuring excellence in every bite.
  • Perfect for Any Large Gathering: Whether it’s for a special family event, a business meeting, a community gathering, or as impressive gifts, these large boxes cater to all your needs with distinction and abundance.

Product Details:

  • For specific details on the contents, ingredients, and packaging, please refer to the description of the single Large Assorted Gourmet Baklawa Box.

Ordering Information:

  • Select ‘Bulk Purchase – Large Boxes’ to enjoy this special discount.
  • The discount is pre-applied to the total bulk purchase price.

Embrace the grandeur of Middle Eastern desserts with our Bulk Purchase offer on the Large Assorted Gourmet Baklawa Boxes. Place your order now and enhance your celebrations with the exquisite taste of luxury at a more affordable price.


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